Recommend the HealthCrisisPPM training program for everyyone managing projects during a health crisis and pandemic such as what we are experiencing with the COVID-19!

Mr. Will Parker
HR & Training Manager, C-Suite Institute

HCPMi offers a wealth of excellent Health Crisis and Pandemic training programs. HCPMi’s programs and courses are very infromative, detailed, comprehensive and excellently put together! I would particularly recommend the HealthCrisisPPP and HealthCrisisPPM training courses to professionals, managers, analysts and leaders looking for methodologies to help them with resilient leadership, collaborative team work, complex problem-solving, risk handling and managing drastic changes; and including responding to the challenges that have been presented by COVID-19 crises and its impact on our lives, businesses and national economy.

Professor Kwaku Akyeampong
CEO & Chief Economist, EVMi

Love the great instruction given by HCPMI instructors! Very knowledgeable!

Mrs. Cynthia Murray
Senior Project Manager, MLM Enterprises

Great and innovative training programs!

Ms. Grace Williams
Vice President, PCWI

“Excellent Health Crisis & Pandemic Management training program. Highly recommended for everyone who has been impacted by the COVID-19!”

Mr. David Brown
Senior Manager, Cyber Security Global

Great training services!

Mr. Peter Williams
Chief Information Officer, C-Suite Institute

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